• New NBS gear!!

    We updated our website with all of our new spring line of shop gear. If you aren't able to make it into shop we conveniently putting on the website for you. Thanks for the support and hope to see you at 318 Main. St. N soon!
  • New Site and Online Store!

    As you can maybe see, our website has recently seen a massive overhaul, not only in terms of the design, but we now have an online store! Over the years we have built relationships with a large amount of customers in and around Saskatchewan that may occasionally be in Moose Jaw, but have often commented on not having access to the selection and customer service of a store like NBS in their home town. 

    We recently decided that creating an avenue for those customers to buy our products from the convenience of their own home, with the same family run level of customer service and local shop vibe that can't be matched by a massive online retailer. 

    We will be adding more and more of our new Spring product everyday, so please keep checking back and feel free to contact us with any questions!

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